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on 31 May 2019 11:11 AM
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From the 4th to the 6th of June the World Anti Bullying Forum 2019 will take place in Dublin, Ireland. With 3 full days of seminars and activities, Dublin and the Forum will host over a 1000 delegates from around the world at the Helix in Dublin City University. With the President of Ireland and politicians and dignitaries from 15 countries in attendance, it is a huge and prestigious event with a great deal of competition for presenting places. We are pleased to say that DisAbuse will be fully represented with both Irish and Portuguese partners present as delegates, while the Irish partners will be running a full hour workshop on Tuesday the 4th of June, with ABC,CU & IADT combining to introduce the DisAbuse project to a global audience.


Over the course of the hour, Professor Mona O’Moore, Dr. Irene Connolly, Fiona Weldon, Marian McDonnell and Lian McGuire will speak about Disablist Bullying among the SEN/D community and the need for education and action, introduce the DisAbuse project, its aims and activities…and showcase the trans-national training materials that have been created by the partners, the attendant Easy Read resources, and the repository of publications. They will then give the participants a short interactive demonstration of one of the Modules (What Is Bullying?) in action along with the Training Manual, and some insight into the use of Lego Serious Play ™.


The Workshop will also discuss the piloting of the project carried out by the partners in Italy, Ireland, Portugal and Spain…and the evaluation of the project being carried out by the Spanish partners, while presenting some feedback from the Irish piloting event on the materials and project as a whole, before taking questions.


DisAbuse will also be represented on a stand at the Forum for the three days, with the Irish and Portuguese partners present, so if you are planning to go, please feel free to drop by!

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