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on 27 Sep 2018 2:50 PM

The Disbuse platform is being developed by the Institute of Art, Design and Technology (IADT) partner in Dublin. The platform, which has a rich graphical user interface, provides all interested stakeholders access to information and training materials on disablist bullying. These include teachers, teacher trainers, special educational needs and disabilities (SEN(D) individuals, parents and all other schools' professionals and  interested groups.

The public section of the platform provide information on the Disabuse project. The strong and clear logo of the STOP Disabuse project highlights the goal to tackle and stop disability bullying. It provides information about disablist bullying, the 5 partner institutions involved and updates on all activities of the project. It has a translation option for English, Spanish Italian and Portuguese. It also has an easy to read section about the project and a glossary of terms with rich graphic content for SEN(D) users.

The online repository section of the platform hosts the project’s intellectual outputs. Partners can login and contribute. They can upload their profile. They can comment and collaborate on individual pieces of work uploaded. Partners uploaded the various resources on disablist bullying from their countries for intellectual output (IO1) . These resources include reports, research papers and video links. Each resource is presented with a rich graphical interface to help SEN(D) users.

The project has developed 6 modules, which are available via the on-line platform to partners for IO3 together with multiple support handouts in IO4. Once validated and tested, these resource will be very valuable to stakeholders.  Evaluation materials, when available, will be uploaded to IO2. The Disabuse platform is building a cooperative approach among the partner countries to prevent and fight disablist bullying.

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