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on 28 Jun 2019 12:41 PM
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At the end of May, ABC, DCU and the DisAbuse Partners launched the Official DisAbuse YouTube Channel.  

DisAbuse Project -


The Channel was launched with a short 3-minute video about the project itself entitled 

What Is DisAbuse - Combatting Disablist Bullying...

...which reviews the aims and objectives of the project, who it is aimed at, who is taking part, and what methods are used, and what work has gone into the project thus far.  


This is followed by a video on the issue of Disablist Bullying 

What is Disablist Bullying

Explaining exactly what disablist bullying is, who is involved, how it can happen and what the outcomes can be.  Both videos were made by the Partners in DCU in conjunction with stakeholders and service users who advised on the project and its materials. 


The DisAbuse Project YouTube channel will host purpose built videos by the Partners from Ireland, Italy, Spain and Portugal explaining: 

  • The project and its aspects

  • How it works, 

  • Reflections on the training by both Facilitators and Service Users 

  • The materials that help make up the project and

  • Reflections on DisAblist Bullying by users


The first of these Sarah Jane’s Story is already available for viewing, as she talks about her experiences as someone with SEN/D in both care and out working,  what she thinks about those who carry out the bullying and what she feels should be done/what she would like to say to them.  


We will also be linking relevant videos from partners and other sites to try and create an AV repository on Disablist bullying,  but more pertinently we hope to drop new videos produced by ourselves every week to two weeks through the projects run.  


Please visit the Channel and be sure to subscribe to be alerted to updates!  


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