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on 16 May 2019 4:06 PM
In Rome, Italy, the training programme was conducted by Fondazione Mondo Digitale, involving 27 among teachers, trainers, psychologists, psychotherapists and young people involved in a pilot training programme , characterized by moments of discussion and reflection on specific bullying related issues. Mentors of this adventure, the facilitators of the Fondazione Mondo Digitale, who have used, among others, the innovative LEGO® Serious Play® and MTa methods to facilitate participants’ points of view, emotions and personal experiences while providing tools to stand against bullying. Fondazione Mondo Digitale interviewed some of the participants who shared their ideas and experience about bullying

"Selfish, clumsy, presumptuous and thirsty for power", this is the bullies definition that Francesco gives. Together with Marta, a psychologist and psychotherapist from the social cooperative Rifornimento in Volo in Rome, Francesco discovered the true meaning of respect, empathy and resilience, he said, representing each of these concepts with the help of LEGO® bricks during the training at Fondazione Mondo Digitale. So many ways to express those words that the bullies, whom Francesco defines as "people who behave in a strange way", seem not to know. Speaking, sharing, to those who love us, friends, teachers, parents, what is happening to us, is the first step to counter bullying. This is undoubtedly the greatest teaching that Francesco takes with him in his future life path, together with his sweet, affectionate and delicate attitude. Click here to hear Francesco
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