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A European ERASMUS+ project to tackle Disablist Bullying

Disablist bullying is when people are bullied because they have a disability.


What is disablist bullying?

Disablist bullying may be carried out by both those with and without a disability and includes similar types of bullying such as physical, verbal, gesture, exclusion and extortion bullying.

Did you know?

The National Disability Authority (NDA) found that individuals with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND), are more likely to be bullied than individuals without SEND.

Exclusion vs Inclusion

People with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities are often excluded in and outside social situations because people don’t understand a person’s disability.

Seek Support

Disablist bullying is harmful as it is based on prejudice and targets may not know how to seek support or express what they are experiencing.