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on 27 Sep 2018 2:50 PM

Next October 15, together with the meeting of the DisAbuse project that will take place at the University of Murcia, a conference will be held on the subject of bullying and cyberbullying that people with SEN/D have. Professor Pilar Arnaiz, who is an expert in the topic of people with SEN and who has directed a thesis on cyberbullying, will participate in this conference. She will give us her perspective on this problem.

Next, two associations of people with disabilities will participate: Asteamur and Fundown. Asteamur is an association of people with autism.  As it has been seen in the revised works, people with autism are the ones who suffer most from bullying at school. This association goes to schools to give talks about the bullying suffered by people with autism. Fundown is an association that works with people with Down's Syndrome in all aspects of life, including bullying issues. Finally, Luis F. Martínez, Head of CARM's Diversity Service, will participate. He will tell us about the current situation of people with SEN in the Region of Murcia in relation to bullying.

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