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on 12 Jul 2019 12:19 PM
  • Workshops


During the month of April 2019, the piloting of the DisAbuse modules from the course was undertaken in Murcia. In order to do so, different institutions collaborated, specifically the association of people with psychic disability "Fundown" and the official school of social educators (professionals in charge of working on these issues with users with SEN/D). Two separate courses were organised. First, a course conducted with 30 professionals to teach the manual and how to work with SEN/D people to prevent and treat bullying and cyberbullying. In order to do this, they were shown in an experiential way what it would be like to carry out the dynamics included in the manual. The idea is that after the sessions they will be able to develop the course. 

Secondly, a course was held with 40 people with Down Syndrome to work with them on the prevention of bullying and cyberbullying. For this purpose, the manual was used and the visual material of the presentations was adapted to the context, in such a way that it was closer to their reality. The course, in both cases, was a complete success. All participants showed a greater understanding of the problem and were delighted with the way they worked. There was even an incident among several members that the participants themselves resolved together from the strategies learned during the sessions. Professionals have a resource at their disposal to use. And people with SEN showed clear learning during the sessions.

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