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UX stands for User Experience , such an important aspect of designing educational applications.
The methodologies learned through the Disabuse project have been employed in the My Money Counts initiative which is a joint project between IADT and MABS (Money Advice Budgeting Service in Ireland) to aid people with SEN/D to manage their own income. This provides more independence.

The evaluation of Let's Go, an independent living skills multimedia instructional tool, and Let's Be Safe, a multimedia application, complemented the ongoing work of the Disabuse project, by informing the multimedia design and usability for people with SEN/D.
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Fiona Weldon in DCU held a stakeholder’s workshop on the Cyberbullying Module on the 13th April. This session was held to review and gather feedback from the users on the content for that module for the Disabuse project.
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IADT have been holding focus groups with Sen(D) users  in small groups to get their views about disablist bullying. We have been gathering feedback on an early stage prototype instructional multimedia application that we are developing​ at IADT to teach about staying safe from bullying,  both face to face, and in an online environment.The feedback so far from the users themselves has been very positive.

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