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The University of Murcia (UM) has significant experience in the Erasmus + programme as coordinators of 3 Strategic Partnership and as partners of another seven SP. Due to increasing international activity, the University of Murcia has developed software and online applications tools devoted to projects, mobility programmes, and financial management. The database is a powerful tool accessible from the web by teachers, students, non-academic staff and partner institutions to obtain updated information about the programme, structures which will be put to the service of this Strategic Partnership. The Research Group in Educational Technology (GITE) is a group of researchers based in the Department of Didactics and School Organization at the Faculty of Education of the University of Murcia, officially created in 1997. The group explores the impact of technologies in learning, in formal and informal contexts, from the pedagogical point of view. The group will bring to bear their expertise structures in the service of DISABUSE in both the construction and evaluation of the website, project coursework and dissemination especially focusing on the areas of accessibility within the SEN/ID groupings.